How PUREFLITE™ sells for you

  • Diligently work to research the market place and provide "Come to Market" and "Target Sale Price" expertise.
  • With our proprietary marketing approach, we'll introduce your aircraft to buyers through targeted advertising.
  • We'll insulate you from tire-kickers. Negotiate on your behalf and close the deal with proven purchase methods.
  • We charge a one time flat fee which is only payable after we provide you with a successful, no hassle, sale.
  • PUREFLITE™, "We keep the turbulence out of the deal."


How PUREFLITE™ can help you buy

  • Get to know you and your private aviation requirements so we can best meet your expectations.
  • Work closely with you to formulate an optimized lift solution which will satisfy a range of variables.
  • Tirelessly search the market - often times at a global level - for on and off market aircraft.
  • Identify assets which can be acquired at a price which will ensure future liquidity.
  • Rely on our aviation knowledge base to navigate contracts, negotiations and escrow procedures.
  • When required, assist with flight department formation, crew support, type ratings and checkrides.

At PUREFLITE™, we always operate with a sole fiduciary responsibility to you, our client. Our goal is to provide an experience so worthwhile and pleasant that it becomes easy to recommend us to others.

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